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DH Plumbing & Heating Engineers

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What Jobs Can We Do For You?

Central Heating Installations

We can offer a full installation service of radiators, boilers and pipework for the central heating system.

We can remove existing boilers and tanks and replace with a modern, condensing energy efficient combination boiler utilising existing radiators and pipework which we will power flush.

We can also add radiators to the existing system for extensions and loft conversions.

We can also replace old fashioned radiator styles with sleek, high efficient stylish radiators.

We will calculate and install the correct radiators for your rooms requirements.

We can supply and fit a large range of radiators and towel rails.

We can supply and fit thermostatically controlled radiator valves.

Power Flushing

Power flushing is the term for cleaning a central heating system of the damaging sludge with the aid of chemicals and a powerful self-contained flushing unit that combines a flow-reversing valve to ensure a high degree of system cleanliness.

This improves performance of the heating system and reduces the energy consumption (i.e. gas). It also prolongs the life of the boiler and the central heating system.

Boiler Repairs and Installation

We have vast experience of working with all brands of boiler manufacturer and can identity and rectify faults.

We will recommend when a boiler should be replaced when it is not cost effective to repair.

We can upgrade your central heating system from a gas guzzling system to a high energy efficient system to reduce your gas bills.

We can provide a system using a combination boiler which provides hot water and heating with no need for a tank. This will reduce the space needed and provides a continuous hot water supply.

Bathroom Installations

We can install a complete bathroom suite including en-suite bathrooms.